Elliot Lee Tears The Wall Down with hit song Rubies

Elliot Lee tears the wall down with hit song Rubies! There is a hole in the wall in a shape of a pissed off person that wants to get your attention! As you walk into the hole in the wall, you are met with words being spit at a rate of a 1000x miles an hour only to slow down to let you know how she really feels! Elliot Lee new track Rubies is raw with a mixture of hip hop, rock, synth and more that is conjured up into a musical nightmare. I’m enjoying this track hard with the horrific themed synth from the music with Elliot Lee’s own voice that captures your attention in the gulag. You feel liked your back on Camp Crystal Lake just waiting for the pleasure of being sliced in half by a man in a hockey mask! Dig this track hard!

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