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Elex and Skybound Announce The Walking Dead: Survivors, a PvP Strategy Survival Game.

Pre-registration available now for iOS and Android.

San Francisco – March 16, 2021 – Global Game Publisher Elex has revealed The Walking Dead: Survivors, a brand new strategy game based on the world-famous IP The Walking Dead. Coming to iOS and Android, The Walking Dead: Survivors is a unique survival game that brings back fan-favorite characters from the Skybound/Image comics and allows players to use these characters to build their town to fend off other players and hordes of walkers.


Survivors are the main characters of The Walking Dead: Survivors. Each has their own attributes and skill set and are broken down by “Combat” and “Development”.  Combat Survivors are responsible for taking part in battles and Development Survivors improving all facets of a town to ensure it’s fully protected. Survivors originate from the comic and this title brings over their likeness, including prominent characters such as Rick, Maya, Vayne, Glenn, Dwight, and many more.


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Players will be tasked with building their best town and armies through assigning tasks, building strategic battle plans, building and expanding their bases by exploring new territories. Players must think carefully about the strategy such as what buildings they construct, how they fortify their fences from hordes of walkers and players, which characters they promote in battle, and how they progress their character abilities.


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In The Walking Dead: Survivors, there are three types of Fighters: Melee, Sharpshooters, and Cavalry. Each category has ten tiers to upgrade to, which makes every fighter stronger along the way. All Combat Survivors can be trained and promoted to positions of power, making strategy the most important aspect of battle.


A list of key features include:


  • Survival in TWD Universe – Encounter iconic IP characters like Rick, Michonne, and Glenn. Live through classic moments and visit fan favourite locations within the world. Build up your camp, recruit your team, and grow your reputation as a leader.


  • Community Management – Tasks are vital to maintaining your camp and crucial for survival. Gather supplies, farm, train, explore, fight enemies, recruit new heroes, and tend to your group’s medical needs. Each survivor has unique attributes and skills specific to certain tasks. As a camp leader, it’s your job to assign the right survivors to the proper tasks.


  • Settlement Siege – Your camp is in constant threats of walker hordes, so you’ll have to build up your defences accordingly. Strengthen your walls, place obstacles, set up the survivors’ formation, and trigger the survivors’ skills strategically to protect your settlement from the walker horde and the outlaw survivors!


  • Clans – Walkers were just the initial threat, but Negan and his gang of Saviours are the real threat! Team up with other players to form Clans. Build various clan buildings across the region to gain more territories and strengthen your forces to defeat Negan!


  • Exploration – Exploring the area around your settlement is the key to unlocking new locations, characters, items, resources, and even learning more about the world. Where to explore? Who to send? What to do once you get there? These are choices that you will have to make as the leader.


The Walking Dead: Survivors is available for pre-registration on iOS in the US and UK as well as Android in the US. It will launch Summer 2021.


About Skybound

Skybound Entertainment is a multiplatform content company that works closely with creators and their intellectual properties, extending their stories to further platforms including comics, television, film, tabletop and video games, books, digital content, events, and beyond. The company is the home of notable properties including The Walking Dead, Invincible, and Super Dinosaur.


Skybound holds strategic partnerships across the entertainment industry, and has the in-house capabilities to serve as publisher, producer, and global distributor for tabletop and video games. On screen, Skybound holds a first-look television deal with Amazon Studios and a first-look movie deal with Universal. Additional partnerships include comic book publishing with Image Comics, book publishing with Simon & Schuster, and a first-look narrative audio deal with Audible. Skybound also houses a variety of unique creators and their IP, including Kristian Harloff and his pop-culture movie trivia platform the Schmoedown Entertainment Network, and printmaking expert Peter Santa Maria’s Attack Peter brand.


About Elex

Elex Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, one of the top game companies in China

committed to game development, publishing, and operations, with a primary focus on international markets and has become the benchmark of China’s Internet companies looking to expand into international markets. Headquartered in Beijing, China, with multiple branch offices, the company has over 500 employees around the world.

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