Elemental Musical Sets With Mellowtone

The glare from the outside lights signal a far away star that glimmers in a spiral. The wave of triumph is screamed at the angle of integrity and the establishment. The microphone is tilted as the voice draws the listeners in with hand gestured voice commands. The band signals a theme of a rocking chair echoing through the tunnel of despair and enters the voice of the singer brings reasoning behind the despair. 

Mellowtone is a swiss band that brings out a musicial epiphany through the art they convey. The music reminds me of hanging out at a bar and rethinking my past decisions through sip of a drink and hearing the band’s music echo throughout the building. I’m enjoying their album currently and have to say its really freaking awesome!

The music the band provides is so unique yet in sync that you are driven to the music and listening to the passion of the music created by the band. The singer hooks you with her voice and the lyrics that are emotionally bonded to the music heard.

You can’t find music like this here and I’m clearly a new fan of this band!