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Electro-Pop Singer-Songwriter Rose War Makes her Powerful Debut with Female Empowerment Anthem ‘Sister’

Artist: Rose War

Release: ‘Sister’

Release Date: August 16th

Genre: Electro-Pop

Melbourne based electro-pop singer-songwriter Rose War makes her powerful debut with female empowerment anthem ‘Sister’. With layered, soaring harmonies and powerful lyrics, her soft voice packs a punch. The young songstress hopes her vulnerability will inspire more young women to follow their dreams and take risks.

Keep up with Rose War here: https://www.instagram.com/rosewarmusic/

Rose War, also known as Adrienne Rose, spoke about what inspired ‘Sister’ and stated: – “I stand for helping women to see the beauty and power they hold. This release is about creating a space to celebrate sisterhood & lift women up. This song is about many aspects of sisterhood, feminine relationships and how it is a cyclical process of vulnerability, being treasured and
nurtured. We need to lift each other up and encourage each other to step out and live exactly how we want to.”

Pulling influence from the likes of James Blake, Sigrid and CHVRCHES, Rose War believes in providing a valuable insight into the struggles and challenges of anxiety and depression, and to live a balanced, successful and creative life.

Rose War has always known she had a gift for song writing. Having studied Music Composition at VCA, Rose War witnessed the silent struggle of mental health that seems close at hand in creative industries and the daily struggles that musicians face. When asked about this, Rose War stated: “Mental health is something that I am very passionate about. I am wanting to grow my role as a mental health activist in music and the creative arts.”

Rose War is set to release ‘Sister’ August 16th via DistroKid.

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