Electro-Indie Solo-Project Like Lions Returns with ‘An Aging Millennial’

Artist: Like Lions

Release: An Aging Millennial

Release Date: August 28th

Genre: Electro-Indie- Pop


Seattle-based solo-project Like Lions makes his return his 11-track album ‘An Aging Millennial’ August 28th.Combining powerful 80s’ synths with hip-hop beats, acoustic guitar loops and his distinct pop-rock vocals, ‘An Aging Millennial’ is packed with songs crafted to move the audience, both physically and emotionally.


Stream: https://soundcloud.com/likelions206

Like Lions, also known as Patrick O’Neill, kick started his music career back in 2012, carving the way for O’Neill’s future in music. In 2015, he decided to take a hiatus from creating new music, choosing to focus on perfecting his craft by pursuing an education at Berklee School of Music. Since then, Like Lions hascontinuously delivered infectious indie melodies that bring the uplifting vibe of music from the seventies and eighties while adding a modern twist.

When asked about the album, Like Lions stated: “For production and instrumentation, I take a lot of inspiration from Bon Iver, the Flaming Lips, and hip-hop greats like Dr. Dre and Kanye. Lyrically, I try to make songs that relate to a large audience.”

Using a unique blend of driving synths on top of hip-hop production, all tied together with pure pop vocals, Like Lions constantly delivers us with stick-in-your-head melodies.

Set to release August 28th via LANDR, ‘An Aging Millennial’ focuses on youth, love, and loss, and is sure to be another step in the genre-bending path that Like Lions is paving.

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