ElectraQueens Release Their NEW Single “Walk Away”

May 6, 2022 (Nashville, TN): The newly-minted ElectraQueens (formerly The Highway Women) are bursting onto the music scene with their first single, “Walk Away.” The single is available on all streaming and download sites https://too.fm/0aoekrr

The ElectraQueens refuse to play by the rules in every way – with a revamped sound and image, the previously-country girl group is taking a darker, edgier turn in 2022. Released March 25, “Walk Away” is the first original song by the newly named ElectraQueens, and their vocal chops are more stunning than ever before as they quite literally walk away from everything we thought we knew about the group.

A classic breakup ballad, “Walk Away” oozes the power that the group’s three singers bring to the table as individuals. As a trio alongside the support of angsty drums and guitar, the single is just as dark as the cover suggests. The story that unfolds is one of a realization that a relationship is over and the only possible move is to leave. As the song opens unassumingly, Jenane’s honey-sweet voice is resigned as “no words are ever spoken, and yet it says so much.” The chorus explodes as Alyssa Scott and Gabrielle Vaughn join in, blending together seamlessly to fully embody the beginning of the end. Scott’s country flair lends itself to the past of the group and Vaughn’s undeniable rock edge complement Jenane’s pop vocals.

The mid-track guitar solo is a perfect example of how dedicated the group is to making music that is polished and unforgettable without singing a note- and it works spectacularly to reinforce the drama of the song. It’s clear from how easily Scott’s verse transfers to Vaughn’s soulful bridge that the group has worked tirelessly to operate as a unit rather than solo artists and to infuse all their unique styles into one divine creation. ElectraQueens are founded on girl power, but there’s truly nothing as powerful as “Walk Away” and the impact the single will have on the trajectory of the group.

Walk Away
Written by Tony Luke Jr. and Joe Callari
Production by Joe “The Butcher” Nicolo
Music by Justin Bandalon

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