Eito’s debut EP While You Were Sleeping is OUT NOW!

Acclaimed Pittsburgh battle MC Eito dropped his new EP this week – a global patchwork of Grime, Boom Bap and House music, imbued with his innovative, confessional flow.
I immediately went to the link and clicked it to be able to  listen to the new album. Once I was able to hit the play button, I just knew this is going to be good.  As an artist, Eito brings a carousal filled adventure in his latest album. You have the songs Crusin, Go Crazy, and Untitled just leaving a trail of epic goods throughout the sounds of the music.
Get your headphones out, listen now and close your eyes. Begin your adventure with Eito as your tour guide!

Listen Here:

Other Places: https://li.sten.to/Eitomusic