‘+ Mexicana’ is the title of the newly released EP by EDITH MÁRQUEZ, undoubtedly one of the most outstanding female voices in Mexico, a voice which has allowed this talented artist an important position in Regional Mexican music history.
The EP, ‘+ Mexicana’ features 8 empowering songs that have always characterized EDITH MÁRQUEZ. The songs speak about pain, but also about how you may be able to transform this feeling into feminine strength.
A clear example of those themes are the EP’s singles which have managed to top the radio charts, songs such as: “Entiende Que Ya” and “Olvídalo” as well as “Es Complicado” a song in which EDITH MÁRQUEZjoined by David Bisbal and a mariacheño rhythm, achieves a great connection with her audience.
The songstress, who a few weeks ago returned to live in person performances, presents the new single: “Que Ironía” another hymn to heartbreak, where Edith is joined by the successful Colombian recording artist Nabález.
“Joining the release of Edith Márquez’s Que Ironía’ is a sign of my gratitude and admiration for Mexican music and its people. As a Colombian venturing into Regional Mexican music, this song with EDITH makes me feel like the new boy in class who manages to talk to the cute girl. From the moment I wrote Qué Ironía with Mango and Andrés Parra we knew it could be one of those special and beloved songs that would hit an artist with magic. That’s why it fills me with gratitude to sing this song with Edith, an artist I follow and admire since even before I dedicated myself to music” said Nabález.
This album produced by Aureo Baqueiro, adds to the impeccable repertoire of EDITH MÁRQUEZ and does it in a big way; with a musical effort made up of songs that, without a doubt, will make anyone who listens to them tremble.
Track by track
1.      “Entiende Que Ya”
          José Luis Roma
“It is the first in a series of songs that I prepared during the pandemic. It’s controversial because it’s strong, but I’m sure it will touch many hearts.”
2.       “Nada”
          Luis Carlos Monroy
“When I heard it, it felt extremely sensual, but at the same time superfluous because it talks about “right now do not worry about anything we will enjoy the moment.” It is very sensual, very sexy. I like it.”
3.      “Olvídalo”
          Aureo Baqueiro / Luis Carlos Monroy
“I loved this song because, despite being a song of heartbreak, it has a good rhythm. It’s not a song of suffering, but instead is full of strength. In addition the lyrics reflect this idea because it says things like ‘even if you want to go back and put the world at my feet, forget it because I don’t believe anything anymore,’ which is a feeling that many women have lived and with which anyone can identify.”
4.       “Remando”
          Bruno Danzza / Edith Márquez
“It’s a very personal, very familiar theme, part of mine and my sister’s story, when we were children and teenagers. We grew up in Coyoacán and would often visit the park and feed the pigeons. It was there in the park’s kiosk where I would sing. That’s the place where I grew up and was happy next to my sister, my cousins, my grandparents, and family. It’s a song with lots of sentimentality.”
5.       “Es Complicado” + David Bisbal
          Horacio Palencia / Miguel Luna
“Es Complicado” is a song that is a dream come true for me because I have always admired David. He liked the song when we sent it to him, and I loved that he loved it so we agreed to a duet. In addition to that the video was incredible! I really enjoyed the company of my friends too. It was a delight to have Araceli Arámbula, María José, Alix Bauer and Mariana Garza on the project, we laughed a lot.”
6.       “Que Ironía” + Nabález
“It’s a song that captivated me from the first time I heard it, because it has very deep and nostalgic lyrics. When he says, “What an irony with every flower you gave me, you caused me more wounds”. I love it. I feel like it’s a song with a lot of passion”.
7.       “Te Odio”
         José Luis Roma / Aitor García
“I love, love, love, love it, and it’s one of the songs I like the most on this project, because it’s a very original way of telling someone that you dislike them. It’s something different from what I’ve been singing. It has the courage that I have always enjoyed singing about. As the song says, at the end of the day things are very different from above. I love it”.
8.       “La Escalera”
         Jorge Macías
“It is a song about telling someone off. I love it because I think there are so many people who deserve to have this sung to them because of how they’ve treated others and the damage they’ve caused. I imagine women singing along knowing that they are queens, always trying to maintain a beautiful relationship with peace and love, but their partner did not value the effort and when the woman falls into account it is something so very strong. I think there are many men who do deserve it”.