Edgar Allan Poe’s Snifter of Death is back with a blood sucking vengeance. In this issue, we see Dracula using new tech to get himself some fast and easy blood. Before he can use his machine, Frankenstein is out to save the day. He destroys Dracula and his machine and saves the people. What he does next is take the heart of Dracula to a scientist. The scientist is helping Frankenstein have some offspring but in order for that to happen he needed to collect a few more items. While Frankenstein searches for those last few items, we are introduced to another story in the comic. The person named Annabel needs some medical attention and two doctors fight to win her over. They both have techniques that are different but will eventually help her out in the end. The ending though is something that will have you squealing for joy.

This next issue is a fun and entertaining issue! I enjoyed the use of the Universal Monsters in the first story and had Frankenstein as the hero. The ending was fantastic and showed more emotion than I thought. The Annabel story caught me off guard and didn’t expect that ending. A fine story and art from the team on creating this next issue pretty damn cool!

Buy issue 3 here: https://comicsahoy.com/comics/edgar-allan-poes-snifter-death-3


(W) Tom Peyer, Bryce Abood

(A) Greg Scott, Rick Geary

(C) Richard Williams


It’s MONSTER MONTH in the world’s weirdest horror/humor anthology! Who is killing the classic creatures? Find out in “Edgar Allan Poe’s Gore of Frankenstein!” How stupid were 19th century doctors? Learn the giant, bloodsucking answer in “Annabel’s Leech!” Plus: prose, pix, post, and possibly poetry!


December 15, 2021