A wonderful marvel has happened! A machine that plays chess is beating some of the best chess players in the world. Our dear friend Edgar hears this news and surely he has to see it for himself. While he is there, he watches each match that happens between the machine and the chess players. Edgar knows this isn’t true so he thinks very hard and writes an article to denounce the machine as a fraud. The owner is mad at our friend Edgar and then does something that will have Poe fans scratching their chins.

Later on, we read about a woman trying to adapt one of Poe’s works and is trying to find an angle. A very familiar angle comes out and takes this woman on a trip to various places of how her and Edgar can interact. She realizes one thing that is needed and drinks up to it!

A pretty neat issue where a few laughs happened here and there. The artists did a fantastic job as always throughout each page. I enjoyed the contrast and color in this issue with Edgar and friends. I liked the story of the machine beating people at chess and then the funny ending that I know will bug the hell out of Poe fans. Decent issue and can’t wait for the next one!

Get Issue 2 here: https://comicsahoy.com/comics/edgar-allan-poes-snifter-death-2


(W) Dean Motter, Holly Interlandi

(A) Dean Motter, Greg Scott

(C) Richard Williams


An automaton equipped to defeat an educated human in the game of chess? Preposterous! Poe himself undertakes to pierce the mechanical mystery in “Chess Player.” Plus! An ostensibly helpful bit of software tries to dominate a writer’s creative process in “Angle of the Odd.” Our special “Dread-of Devices” issue closes out with prose stories and a poem.


November 10, 2021