California dreaming is just that…dreaming.. haha! Well Mr. Poe had the city of Angels in his mind to pitch his new story ideas but they weren’t taking it. As Mr. Poe took in the lights and glamour of Hollywood, the people at Hollywood was just shaking their head NO. Mr. Poe didn’t like those situations but he presented a few stories that will get you hearing that bass.

The Tell-Tale Heart rendition sees a young handyman named Victor imagining a vast of wealth and sex that would come to him in this home. His boss though, squashes those dreams, and reminding Victor to continue working on the repairs of the house. Victor has other ideas and he lets his boss know what he feels with his axe. With police coming by to do a check up, there is a sound that stirs Victor to the core! …

While Mr. Poe still getting spit upon in Hollywood, a young man finds the joy into playing with trains. As he grew older, his love for trains stayed with him. This inspired that young man, now older man, to build a small city that corresponds to the train. Then the unthinkable happens, slight changes that he didn’t make start to happen to that small city. A color change here, a new name for a business there, has alarmed the man to his own breaking point! …

This issue is a pretty good one that had myself dreaming of wanting to surf. You felt the California vibes in each story while watching Mr. Poe not succeed in his ideas. Both stories I enjoyed very much as you can feel the terror in their eyes as they can’t control the situation. The BOOM BOOM Victor is heard throughout the home and the changes made in the small city, stirred up both men’s emotions. I enjoyed reading this story and loved the art too! The cover  is amazing too, I dig it hard!

Get the issue #4 here: https://comicsahoy.com/comics/edgar-allan-poes-snifter-blood-4


(W) Tyrone Finch, James Finn Garner

(A) Ryan Kelly, Sandy Jarrell

(C) Alan Robinson


AHOY continues to cheaply exploit the great Edgar Allan Poe’s reputation with two hilarious new horrors: an updated version of “The Tell-Tale Heart” by James Finn Garner and artist Sandy Jarrell; the original tale of “Winston,” a six-year old who terrorizes a town, written by Tyrone Finch with art by Ryan Kelly; plus the usual AHOY extra illustrated prose stories. Cover by PENULTIMAN co-creator Alan Robinson.


January 27, 2021