DYLYN new song Only Us is out now!

DYLYN new song Only Us is out now! A fantastic song showcasing a struggle with love has you believing it can survive anything. I am enjoying how this song is so smooth carried by the voice of DYLYN. I’m digging it!  DYLYN lends her voice to this new hit song from her latest album titled Make It Naked.

Listen to Only Us and also her new album below! A fun listen!

listen here:


Born Gwendolyn Lewis, DYLYN was once a minor pop star with top 10 dance hits on U.S. Billboard charts. But she wasn’t happy as a dubstep diva, ditching her on-stage dancers for a live drummer, so she was free to roam the stage and rock out as she pleased. DYLYN’s newer material took shape when she met L.A.-based Toronto producer Colin Munroe (Kendrick Lamar, Lights), who encouraged her new rock direction. Ryan Guldemond of Vancouver hitmakers Mother Mother became another key collaborator. Each single from her forthcoming EP sounds more monstrous than the last, unleashing a talent that’s only beginning to realize her true potential. DYLYN has finally found herself. The rest of the world is about to find her as well.


“Only us,” the latest single DYLYN is sharing from her forthcoming Make It Naked EP, was inspired by the endurance of love, even in the darkest of seasons. A relationship can grow in a perfect world, but love can bond you together when there is a struggle.