Dying Light Review

Dying Light


Corpus Christi, TX

Dying light is one of an enjoyable open world zombie games. Gamers will begin Dying Light in a city of Haran, during a zombie Apocalypse survival game. As any other game, you start off with a basic tutorial on how to search, kill, and survive.



What I like about this game is that there is a new awesome system called parkour. With parkour your player can jump, climb, and do freerunning wherever you please. Which give players an easy access to escape from the zombies. At night time it can be difficult because the zombies become a little more advanced to kill, but it is better so you can get double the points. There is also a zombie mode that gives you the player a chance to be a zombie, which is fun to play. Playing online with friends is great because you and your friends can choose who wants to be a zombie hunter or an actual zombie. Having to play co-op mode makes it a lot more fun.

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  1. Parkour in a zombie game Damm sounds interesting­čśĆ….im going to have to buy this game try it out , just by looking at the pics ,graphics look like it will give me a good scare ­čśé

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