Dual Gear Review PC By Slime Grunt

Duel Gear

By Juan M Carrillo

Duel Gear is a tactical action turn based strategy game created and published Orbital Speed Studios. This game heavily takes inspiration from Japanese mech anime and games. And is probably one of the best games I played on steam in a long time. When I first loaded the game, I was stunned. Me being a huge sucker for anime and giant robots this game pretty much made me think of all the mech animes I grew up with making this game far more interesting to me. To those that grew up on types of animes you know what I am talking about.

The game has an interesting story, like most sci-fi mech stories it takes place in a far distance future. Like most it starts with an event that triggers another but was cool is that it breaks it down by year till you reach the game present day. You are introduced to various characters each with their own unique stories and personalities. As I mention the game visuals are very stunning, the game models are well done compare to the other games I have played on steam. Orbital Speed Studios has done a very impressive job as far as visual go from the game models to the overlays. Though the art used for the characters are simple with enough detail to make them stylized and fit for the overall art style of the game which I think they could be more colorful.

There are few things that I personally do not like about the game. In today’s gaming world we have been spoiled by super-fast games that turn based games kind of have last their appeal to me However that depends of the overall all game. Which in terms is a bit sad since I used to love them. Being a strategy game, it makes sense making it turn based. To me it falls short in game play simply because I love giant robots and to me giant robots means fast pace fighting action. Turn based takes the fun of giant robots. However, this does not make the game bad or make the game unplayable, placing the mechs in strategic positions with the right weapons in order to win, the game has very solid mechanics and is remarkably simple to play. Apart of that the game is a bit slow in pace in some places but still incredibly fun to play.

Overall, the game Duel Gear is very solid. It tickles almost all my gamer fancies that I love about video games. Visually its very pleasing to eye with its stylized style between realism and not. The game play is simple and fun that it does not take much to understand and learn Yet offers some challenging challenges. Honestly, there is a lot to unpack and talk about this game. Beside the fact that I think it would have benefit more as an arena fighting game instead of a turn-based strategy game which it is honestly my one huge criticism of the game and that a is personal one at that. I had fun playing it and will continue to play. Duel Gear is honestly one of the best games I have played to review I highly recommend this game.

Dual Gear: https://store.steampowered.com/app/443000/DUAL_GEAR/

Duel Gear: 8/10 Rating.

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