DTS Gaming Crew’s Top 5 Reasons to Play XCOM Chimera Squad

DTS Gaming Crew’s Top 5 Reasons to Play XCOM Chimera Squad

The critically acclaimed series is back with a spin-off set 5 years after the events of XCOM 2. This surprise announcement came with another surprise for fans of the series who purchase the game before May 1 get 50% off for $9.99!

In XCOM Chimera Squad you play a set team of 11 agents, and instead of leading a rebellion against our alien overlords, Chimera Squad keeps the peace and quells unrest in City 31. This varies differently from XCOM 2 in that you won’t have an endless amount of recruits knocking down your door. Along with that, there is no perma-death in Chimera Squad. Should any of your agents fall, the game will end and will force a mission restart unless you are playing with “Ironman” mode on. In which case a failed mission will restart the game from the beginning. That’s XCOM, baby!

As agents of peace, your squad acts like a SWAT team as combat will rely on the new “Breach” mechanic to give you the power of setting breach points and turn order. This seems like a huge benefit if you can figure out the right combination of units, turn order, breach points, enemy unit positioning, and enemy types. That’s a lot to take in and it may take a while to figure out what works best with your playstyle.

XCOM Chimera Squad releases on April 24. If you’d like more detailed information on some of the upcoming mechanics, then watch the video below as the DTS Gaming Crew countdown their Top 5 reasons to play XCOM Chimera Squad. You can buy the game on Steam, but remember to order before May 1st to get 50% off!


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