You are currently viewing DTS Gaming Crew Connects with Game Designer Scott Uhls from Rock Manor Games

DTS Gaming Crew Connects with Game Designer Scott Uhls from Rock Manor Games

DTS Gaming Crew Connects with Game Designer Scott Uhls from Rock Manor Games

Since getting our footing off the ground and looking for cool things we could do on our gaming podcast, we had been promising our listeners that we were going to choose a role playing game (RPG) and play it out on the air in character. We had been debating for a few weeks on which RPG we should settle on as we all agreed that it had to be fun first and foremost. I was beginning to lose hope until opportunity came knocking on our door. A serendipitous email appeared in my inbox from a publisher looking to get a jumpstart on their upcoming RPG Kickstarter project. Too good to be true? Maybe, but along with the email came a glimpse of their upcoming project titled Maximum Apocalypse the RPG and the premise alone blew me away.

To best summarize the premise of Maximum Apocalypse RPG, “Anything and everything that can go wrong in an apocalypse is happening in Maximum Apocalypse the RPG”. Zombies? Yep. Alien Invasions? Sure. The Rapture? Oh yeah. How could we say no to fighting off a robot takeover in a world that’s been ravaged by a nuclear holocaust? We just couldn’t. Lead designer Scott Uhls was gracious enough to play along and offered to host a play session of a quick start adventure. The best part is that he designed a unique adventure just for our gaming group titled “The Ambush”, how awesome is that? You can check out the custom made adventure for yourself here, and the Maximum Apocalypse RPG Quickstart Guide is available on Drive thru RPG’s website here.

Maximum Apocalypse the RPG is based off its eponymous predecessor Maximum Apocalypse which is a more traditional board game. You can view more info about their games on their official website at Rock Manor Games here. The Maximum Apocalypse RPG Kickstarter goes live on June 9, click here to get notified of its launch. If you’d like to connect with like-minded RPG’ers, join the official Maximum Apocalypse RPG Discord here. You can check out the podcast where we geek out with lead designer Scott Uhls here.

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Finally, the videos below are a testament to us geeking out while playing this amazing RPG. This is the beginning to a long journey of creating an actual campaign with our own unique characters, and a lot of content to be created for Maximum Apocalypse the RPG. So stay tuned for that. Meanwhile, enjoy the videos below!

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