DTS Elite Media – A New Way For Press At Conventions

Con Promoters, Company PR, and event planners, do you want to showcase your event, convention, or brand at a convention in an elite way? I know you are tired of the way media and press has showcased at your events and conventions. Drop The Spotlight the past 5 years have re-engineered the way how fans view all contents from a convention. From interviews to press announcements, we have established the norm for press for conventions! Here is our exclusive higher standard for press and media at conventions.


DTS Elite Media

A new way to showcase media and press at conventions and events!


Drop The Spotlight has created and implemented the standard for how press should conduct themselves at comic cons, gaming cons, and trade expos. We have transitioned interviews, reviews, and social media promotion of any conventions with techniques we have standardized at the moment.

How far will Drop The Spotlight travel for media and press?

At this moment, we are only doing United States but we will start Europe late 2020 or early 2021.

What does the promoter, company PR and event coordinator get from our services?

  • What you get is high class interviews with your top guest which is filmed on a 4K camera.
  • We will also take care of your all celebrities with any film with fan interactions and post to social media.
  • We will also take high class photographs of the event or convention with our photographer.
  • We will create pre, during, and post con posts on the website promoting the event.
  • We will post on social media of any photos we take promoting said event.
  • We will also announce to our fans on Facebook that we will be attending your convention as press / media.

What if I’m not a promoter but I have a exhibitor that we want Drop The Spotlight to highlight? 

If Drop The Spotlight is already attending the event, we can do film, do photographs and an interview of the exhibitor. We will be charging $250 for those services but you will get a copy of film, photographs and interview.

If Drop The Spotlight is not at the event but want us attend that convention under your brand name, we will require flight and hotel for our photographer, videographer and writer. We will promote your brand on social media and let our fans and the world know we will there with your brand. We will also do a live giveaway of one of your products to the fans attending. We will also do an unboxing of your product with a guest attending of said convention or event.

What is the rate for these services? 

We have two different rates, one for local and one for outside of Texas. You will be the ones paying for our flights and hotel unless you pay us to do that ourselves, your choice. This is what we require to attend and showcase what we do!

Local – (300 miles from San Antonio in all ways)

  • 100$ Gas Card
  • 1 to 2 night hotel stay (2star and up)
  • Lunch and dinner provided

Outside of Texas – ( out of Texas state lines)

  • 3 Flights (Roundtrip)
  • 2 to 3 night hotel stay (2 star and up)
  • Lunch and Dinner provided


Sure of course:



Panel recording:

Fan Interaction:


How do you contact? 

We are fair on what we ask for, anything less than that, we will not do your event or con or even promote it. We can negotiate on any of what I just posted and if you want to add more or less, we can talk. Use the form below to discuss anything further to work together.

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This starts January 2020, so lets get it going!