DTF Film Review

DTF is a wild and raw look at the life of a pilot looking for love on Tinder. A documentary by Al Bailey takes a deep dive into the world of dating via tinder from the life of a long haul pilot. Looking for love or something else taking the crew down a rabbit hole of a sex addict. Flying to different countries looking for dates turns in to looking for a shag in his words.  At some points in the documentary, it becomes uncomfortable for the director as well myself.

The self-destructive life we are following and his warped mindset is scary and u can see the frustration in Al and the crew. His need for sex over the need to sleep and his heavy drinking shows his need for help. From Hong Kong to Las Vegas he is well versed in the nightlife and where to find sex paid or not. The trip to Las Vegas is a breaking point for the crew and things are never the same after.

Date after date you can tell he is out for only one thing sex and not love. Tinder was the focus but it took a turn to the dark side of the pilot’s life. Makes one ask the question is this what many pilots life is. The crew tries to salvage the film but it comes to an ugly end and a ruined friendship.

DTF is one hell of a trip to say the lease and a real look into a sex addict’s life and how sex dominates his life. We see him treat women like trash overseas. Slip drugs into his friend Al drink and what is one of the most shocking things he does to a passed out Al is beyond sick. Overall it was an eyeopening documentary and even with the hard and uncomfortable parts, it is worth the watch. Almost like a train wreck, you can not look away from it.  Yes DTF means what you think it does.