Dreamscaper Kicks off Aggressive Early Access Roadmap with Major “Reflection Update”

Less than two months into the Early Access launch of their premiere title Dreamscaper, the three developers at Afterburner Studios are eager to prove that passion and AAA experience will result in frequent updates packed with more quality content than players expect from much larger teams.

With over 550 reviews on steam Dreamscaper has achieved a 92% positive rating. Dreamscaper is an Action Roguelite heavily inspired by the procedural exploration of Binding of Isaac, the loot progression of Dead Cells and fluid modern combat of games such as God of War. Since release the game has also been compared frequently to Hades and Persona.

The “Reflection Update” is focused thematically on introspection and is headlined by a new high-level boss named “Negativity,” a manifestation of how the protagonist “Cassidy” feels about herself. To aid Cassidy in overcoming this obstacle, a 7th character has been added to the Waking World that the player can befriend. This character, “Rose,” provides an additional 3 hours of story and unlocks 8 of the more than 20 new powerful items and abilities introduced with this update.

Thanks to the feedback received from the Early Access community, two big systems have been layered on the game: Secret Rooms and an Enchantment Shop. As a game with procedural level generation, Secret Rooms are an opportunity to reward clever players with better loot and shortcuts. Similarly, as a game with procedural loot, an Enchantment Shop is an opportunity to give players more control of their builds over a full run.

To coincide with the “Reflection Update”, Dreamscaper has been chosen to be one of Steam’s Daily Deals starting October 2nd and is available for Windows PC for $19.99 / €18.49 / £14.49 with an additional 20% discount until the end of the 48-hour window.

Dreamscaper is published by Freedom! Games and is expected to leave Early Access within the next 12 months. The launch will include additional consoles (Nintendo Switch has been announced) and will support other languages outside of English and Simplified Chinese.

For more information, please visit the official website, follow Dreamscaper on Twitter and Instagram, like the Facebook page, and join the community on Discord.

About Afterburner Studios

Afterburner Studios was founded in 2018 by three former AAA developers gone rogue. After years of working on titles like NBA2K, SOS, Gears of War 3, Paragon, and many more, they decided to go indie and create gaming experiences that tell powerful stories. Their debut project Dreamscaper was successfully funded in 2019 and is now available on Steam Early Access. For more information, please visit the official website.