Dreaming Hollywood Film Review

Dreaming Hollywood is a film by Frank Martinez starring Turk Matthews and Madelyn Allen. Ray is a con man who has his heart set on writing a screenplay. He comes from a shady world of drugs and some not-so-legal things. He writes his screenplay and sends out a hundred copies to see who will buy it. He believes he will make a ton of money selling it but he makes a huge mistake.

He is getting rejection letters and still holds out hope he will get a yes. Until he finds out his work is being produced under someone else name. Send Ray into a hellbent on finding who stole his work. He goes on a rampage crossing everyone off his list one by one till he finds out who stole his work.

A very odd and unique film to say the least is Pulp Fiction-style film. Makes for a somewhat odd feel to the film almost like a fever dream on drugs. Just it works for the film a very gritty and raw film that I can appreciate. I give this one a 7 out of 10 a flawed movie but it just works. A film you must watch to experience to understand. Out now on blu ray. A cool note to the blu ray it comes with the soundtrack to the film an added bonus.

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