Dreaming Door Announces the Release Date for Golden Treasure: The Great Green

On June 17th, live in a deep and meaningful RPG from a completely new point of view


DETROIT – May 30, 2019 | Dreaming Door Studios is pleased to announce that its groundbreaking RPG, Golden Treasure: The Great Green, is coming to Steam on June 17th. Those who would like to get a peek at the game can do so thanks to a free and extensive demo. In addition, fans and players can add Golden Treasure to their Steam wishlist right now to be prepared for the big day!

Golden Treasure: The Great Green provides players with a fascinating open-world narrative journey where, rather than hunt dragons, players become dragons, the sentient creatures that rule over Ancient Earth. Starting within the confines of an egg, the player character must survive the tender and dangerous years of childhood, forging a path to maturity in a Bronze Age world filled with secrets and mysteries.

Golden Treasure: The Great Green features a rich and beautiful hand-painted world packed with deep systems players have come to expect. There are thousands of choices to make, a vibrant open world to explore, loot to collect, battles to fight, and skills to master to increase the chances of survival. It’s not simply a game: it’s a whole new life to live.

Those looking for a completely new and deeper take on the role-playing genre will definitely want to take a look at Golden Treasure: The Great Green. There’s a demo available now for PC and Mac, which showcases the first several hours of your life as a new dragon.

Reply to this email and we’ll add you to the review code list, as well. We expect we’ll have codes next week!

On Steam: HERE


About Dreaming Door Studios

Dreaming Door Studios is a Detroit-based video game studio specializing in crafting narrative experiences which bring you out of your current time, place and form and into something new. We believe that combining creative visual art, truly original stories and a passionate love for games will help lead us all to new gateways and horizons. Prepare to come through the Door, and Dream with us!