Drake Hollow Xbox One Review

Drake Hollow is a magical game where you must stop evil and bring order back for the Drakes. I was able to try this game out on my Xbox One. When you first start the game, you are able to customize your character prior to the story is show for the game. I was able to alter my character’s features and save them. Then off I went to start the game where I met a strange crow. The crow wanted me to follow it throughout the opening sequence, so as I followed, I was able to look around my area. Once I met up with crow, it gave me a decision to make and I didn’t have to think twice about it and went through the magical door.

Once through the door, I was able to see how the world has changed. I saw strange things coming out of the water, damaged property and of course that strange crow. I continued to follow that strange crow and talk to him for a bit. The crow gives you instructions on what to do next such as finding the Drakes, stopping the feral animals and building items for the Drakes so they can start to come back out to their world.

After seeing what you have to do in the game, here are some thoughts we had while playing the game.

Here is our review of Drake Hollow


  • The Story:
    • The story is different yet gave you something to yearn for. You are given a story where you must save the Drakes from this dark evil but know your limited on time. You are always on your feet as you go throughout the game to learn more of what caused this situation and how to stop it.
  • The Art:
    • The art throughout this game provided a proper companion to the story line of the game. You are greeted with works of art that brings you literally to another world. You are viewing the art like your at an art exhibit giving thanks to the artist.
  • The Characters:
    • I enjoyed meeting the Drakes and providing for them things they need to rebuild. I thought the characters were different yet fun to utilize in the story. I enjoyed the crow as being a guide for you as well as destroying those feral creatures too. This gave the game more proper story to understand certain things done in the game.
  • The Weapons:
    • The weapons were awesome! Throughout the game, I was able to collect different weapons to use to chop down trees, break objects and much more. I really enjoyed the weed wacker throughout the game, I just don’t know, it just felt so right! haha!


  • Long Map:
    • I didn’t like the long regions as my character had to go all around to search for items. I know many gamers enjoy the long maps to search for things, but to me I’m not a fan of that.
  • Time:
    • I’m a person that likes to take their time but in this game, time is the essence. You have to make sure you get the proper supplies for the Drakes and craft them their temporary furniture. The items last not too long so your out there collecting things to rebuild these items. This kind of distracted me in the game a few times cause I want to make sure the Drakes have the proper things but I would retrace my steps to them to see if they are ok.

Rating: 8.0 out of 10

Drake Hollow is a fun yet intriguing game from the get go. You take a trip to a new land and your there to save the Drakes. Evil has consumed their world with the dark magic and your there to balance it out and give the Drakes a fighting chance. I enjoyed the story, the art, characters and of course the weapons. I was delighted to use a weed wacker in the game. I just didn’t like the long map and limited time you have. Either way, this is a fun game to play and crafting things for your Drakes. Come on out and save those Drakes and give them back their Hollow!

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