This is a comic that I enjoyed very much reading and understanding from a super heroe’s point of view. I didn’t realize that, on my second time around, that this focused on two versions of the superhero. One version was Dragonfly man and Stinger having some very serious issues. The second version was a celebration of the success between Dragonflyman and his protegee Stinger.

The story was very good and showcased from two different versions point of view on how things be seen. You can be happy in one and struggling to figure out if it was really that bad of a fault on the second.

Dragonflyman has to make a choice and the choices has affected his style, his business and friendships.

This comic issue will showcase a photo album worth of stories.

You can get the latest issue from Dragonfly and Dragonflyman on March 18 from your favorite comic book store and Ahoy Comics online!