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Downeast Review

Downeast is a film by Joe Raffa is a look into the darker side of a seaside town where the underbelly of the Mob has a stranglehold on it. We follow Tommy (Greg Finley) a son to a lobster Fishman who is stuck watching over his drunk father. Regretting some choices of his pasted and a lost chance at love.

Tommy Sees his lost love is back in town and brings up old feelings and deep regret. She back to tend to her ill mother and looking for answers to her brother’s murder. Kicking the hornet nest by asking questions and talking to the police. Not a wise thing to do in a town under the thumb of a small-time mobster.

The things come to head when Tommy reconnects with Emma and a childhood love sparks into a love affair. Things soon take a hard turn fast and the truth comes out as the Mobsters set in motion a plan to stop the question being asked and get debits paid.

An overall great gritty film that hits hard in the life of people struck in towns run by mob rule. A story that one can feel for Tommy and his dilemma. I give this one a 7.5 out of 10 for a good story and cinematography. One thing that drop rating was a slow pace for them telling the story for me. Check this one out and see what Tommy does to come out of this mess or gets stuck deeper.