Dose Me Up By VOX REA Song Release

VOX REA has a new hypnotic tune out now called Dose Me Up! The month of October brings cooler temperatures and the leaves begin to fall. The sky is instantly different with various of colors with a small amount of change to the surroundings. Dose Me Up is that song that starts it all off! You enter into a new realm of reality for the next few days while the introduction of the song gives way to a new experience. VOX REA language of her voice stirs the pot with ingredients that mellow the mushrooms outside.

Smile drifty and press play!

listen here:

Press information:

Stream it today, produced by Connor Seidel and Tim Buron (Charlotte Cardin, Matt Holubowski).
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We wrote “Dose Me Up” at home on our grandmother’s piano in late October 2019.
This song addresses a struggle with identity when entering adulthood, and a bit of a hardening.
The image of a lullaby from hell cuts to the contradictions at heart of it,
representing childhood reverence and adult indifference.