DOOR: Inner Child Now Available on Steam

Multi-awarded beautiful action puzzle platform adventure
DOOR : Inner Child Trailer
Seoul, Republic of Korea –December 3, 2020– Independent development studio PLAY Mephistowaltz released the multi-awarded action puzzle platform adventure DOOR:Inner Child on Steam last week.
DOOR:Inner Child is set in a mysterious, beautiful world in which you will have to open locked doors to heal broken hearts and experience beautiful stories. Play as ‘Nia’, who lives in the Soul World, and go on a quest to save his crumbling universe.
Each stage in DOOR:Inner Child will change based on his emotions. You can freely change camera perspectives but certain emotions will lock your perspective or flip and tear apart the screen, changing the gameplay mechanics upside down.
DOOR:Inner Child has been released in Early Access and it will remain like that for quite a few months. The current game contains 30 stages. The full version of the title will include many more.
  • Unique concept
  • An adventure with the goal of healing the Soul World
  • A spectacular world that expresses various emotions
  • Each part of the Soul World is unique in its color scheme, camera perspective, and gameplay style
  • Outstanding Graphical Expression
  • Each stage visibly changes depending on the emotion
  • Graphics that feel unique and charming at a glance
  • Gameplay that fits the concept
  • The exploration of the soul is expressed through the movement of the character, as well as split screen and etc.
  • Gameplay that offers unique and varying experiences through puzzle elements, and changing mood and atmosphere
  • Unique Gameplay that utilizes changes in camera perspective and split screens
Additional Information
About PLAY Mephistowaltz
PLAY Mephistowaltz is a one-man games development studio based in Korea. His first game on Steam, NOTE, was released in March 2020. Before that, he developed Out of Maze and EGO.