Doom Eternal Review

Doom Eternal

Reviewed on Xbox One

By: John Cano

Are you ready to jump back into the boots of the Doom Slayer, if you are then grab your Super Shotgun and Chainsaw because it’s time to kick some serious DEMON ASS!!!

Doom Eternal is the highly anticipated sequel to Doom (2016). Picking up two years since the first doom ended and now, you’re back and pissed off and ready to slay some demons.

From the moment I booted up Doom Eternal it was nothing but fast non-stop slaying mayhem, with new weapons as well as returning favorites, and of course the demons both new and old are returning for the slaughter. All of this and more! An amazing soundtrack, incredible story, and challenging fast paced game play.

Two years after the events of Doom 2016 earth is under a full-scale demon invasion with billions dead it is up to the Slayer to stop the assault on earth. Armed with his trusty shotgun, new gauntlet blade, and equipment launcher you will scourer the planet and hell itself eliminating the demons one by one.

The multiplayer modes for Doom Eternal are Invasion and Battle. Invasion has been heavily compared to that of Dark Souls because it allows your friends to form hunting parties and invade your Doom Eternal play through as demons and attempt to kill you. Battle mode however plays a bit more different; battle mode is a one vs two multiplayer mode that pits two demons against a fully loaded Slayer. Sounds a bit under whelming but I can tell you its way harder than it sounds because the demons can summon multiple AI controlled lesser demons that can easily overwhelm you and take you out. I can also say that the AI controlled demons are no slouch they hit hard, move fast and if cornered then say goodbye.

Roughly eleven hours to just play through the campaign but if you do the side content and want to complete it, it can easily span about twenty-five plus hours easily.

The only bug that I came to see and very rarely is a slight dip in frame rate but nothing drastic like twenty fps it drops just a bit and literally for about ten to fifteen seconds and then it’s done.

The games audio is astonishing, with the sounds of the newly formed earth transitioning to hell the rivers of blood you can hear as they flow as well as the sounds made when eviscerating enemies to the sounds of your gunshots it all sounds so awesome, However it is the masterpiece soundtrack that really brings it all together. Metal music blaring while you’re ripping and tearing your enemies apart. What also makes it amazing, is when you play everything combined it puts you in a trance and when a game can check you out of reality then it has done its job.

Visually the game is stunning running at 1800p and a crisp 60fps it looks and sounds amazing, whenever you’re not fighting a hoard of blood thirsty demons, do yourself a favor, stop, take in the environment to see the amazing work ID Software and Bethesda have done.


Doom Eternal is hands down the most incredible game that I’ve played in a while from the badass story to the kickass visuals and sounds of the game, ID and Bethesda did such genius work with this game and gave us Doom fans exactly what we wanted by putting us in the boots of a badass and making us feel unstoppable as we progress through the game building our Slayer the way we want. However, if I can leave you with a tip, keep moving and never stop, if you stop you DIE.

Rating: 10

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