DOOM cleans up in Fall Guys!

As the Blunderdome regains a semblance of serenity after a hectic holiday party, two worlds collide: DOOM’s demonic costumes explode the sparkling Fall Guys  universe  starting January 12, for a limited time. Devolver Digital  assures us that its precious little jelly candies are safe from hellish demon hordes, and that BFG clashes in Team Deathmatch are not on the agenda. We did not go far from the disaster!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout brings together, jumbled up, hordes of online competitors, and bluntly throws them into a nutty competition made up of increasingly anarchic rounds where the participants are happily dezinced until only one remains! Overcome bizarre obstacles, overwhelm rowdy rivals, and defy the inflexible laws of physics to fight your way to supreme splendor! Leave your self-esteem in the locker room and prepare for some burlesque setbacks before you can hope to proudly wield the crown!

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout  is available on PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam. Stumble over to , wallow in  Discord,  and follow Fall Guys on  Twitter ,  Instagram,  and  Tik Tok  for all of your future searing failures against the rest of the world.