Don’t Die, Minerva Xbox One Review

As I was publishing some press releases, one of these press releases had information about Don’t Die, Minerva. I thought it was a fantastic read and decided to try the free game trial. I was able to download this game quite swiftly to my Xbox One and installed it as well.

Don’t Die, Minerva is a cute game where you go around this haunted mansion trying to get an essence for this butler type dude in the beginning. You find a monkey that will help you take down these ghosts, bats, and scary creatures. You will also find chests filled with upgrades for your character as new boots, better flashlight and more. Instead of an updated monkey, we got a bear.

I was able to try this game out and boy, I didn’t realize it was so much fun. I went to different rooms and took down these scary creatures with my monkey. It took me a few deaths in order to get to level 2 but it was quite hard. You will need to run and dodge these menacing creatures that are throwing something of fireball at you.

We streamed the game live on Twitch:

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