Don’t Be Afraid coming to Steam this month

“Don’t Be Afraid” is the story of an 11-year-old boy named David. His nightmare began with his sudden disappearance, the night he got kidnapped by a serial killer and cruel psychopath known as Mr. Franklin.

Don’t Be Afraid – whishlist on Steam
Don’t Be Afraid – The First Toy – free game available on Steam

About the game:

A remarkable story with a branching narrative awaits you, as the world shifts and changes along with your choices, with plenty of puzzles prepared for the boy.

Remember, there is no room for mistakes. The nightmare will begin on December 17, 2020. Get ready for a shocking experience.

You can learn more about the storyline in the prologue free game “Don’t Be Afraid – The First Toy”, in which the player jumps into the middle of a traumatic experience as Franklin’s previous victim. This prologue uncovers secrets hidden by Mr. Franklin, hinting at what is going to happen in the main game and expanding on the game’s world. “The First Toy” has over 90% positive user score, based on over 490 reviews.

After long, hard years, the police officer responsible for the case of the missing children shares his story and experiences which he passed through while hunting for a lunatic kidnapper, A.K.A. Mr. Franklin. Take a closer look at what he had to go through attempting to solve this case.

Key info:

Title: Don’t Be Afraid

Inspirations: amnesia: The Dark Descent, Penumbra, Layers of Fear

Distribution model: digital distribution / pay-to-play

Developer: Limo Games, Broken Arrow Games

Publisher: Hydra Games Genre: Horror, adventure, puzzle

Platforms: PC

Premiere date: December 17, 2020

Price: $13.99

Language versions: English, Polish, French, Italian, German, Spanish – Spain, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese – Brazil, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Turkish