Donny’s Bar Mitzvah Film Review

Donny’s Bar Mitzvah a wild ride into Donny’s party of becoming a man. I felt like this film was a fun one with a ranchy vibe of classic teen films of the late ’90s. Meeting all the points of a great comedy film dealing with coming of age.

The real fun is watching the adults make fools of themselves to party like teens. Making this Bar Mitzvah more a party of them than the kids. It shows the wild things they do and get away with. You have to watch to see all the crazy and inappropriate behaver the show.

Donny is not having the time of his life due to his own issues with his friends. not until a valet worker loses him up with some drinks and some weed. Like I said a throwback to the teen films of the past. Donny cuts lose and have the time of his life but not without some mishaps.

Overall in my book, it a must-watch a good fun wild film like American Pie. Filled with all the funny and gross things that happen to teens trying to fit in and deal with the opposite sex. So get some snacks and drinks and have fun checking this one out.