Dodge Charger Rental From Enterprise Review

A week ago, my family and I decided to take a trip to the Rio Grande Valley and to South Padre Island. There is one rental car business I have been going through and the place is called Enterprise Rent-A-Car. They were able to do a curbside drop-off where they took the vehicle to my home and dropped it off without myself having to go there. Then once I was done with the rental and back home, I was able to call and have them come by and pick it up.

Here is my quick review of the vehicle:


This car was very different than the cars I have rented in the past from Enterprise. When I first got in the vehicle, it looks very basic tech wise. The touch screen did have access to XM radio, bluetooth and more but just seemed very basic. I took her for a quick test spin and noticed the brakes on the vehicle were very touchy. One small step on the brakes made it seem like I slammed the brakes on the car. I had to learn literally how to brake using the vehicle but it is what it is. The family fit in the car a bit snug but enjoyed their custom A/C in the back seat. There are USB connections in the back for the kids to charge their tablets and other tech products.

The car was taken on a 4 hour trip from San Antonio to down south towards the Rio Grande Valley. The gas usage of the car was superb and allowed us to go there without stopping to put gas. As a family, that is amazing but we still stopped as duty calls after drinking some Slurpees from the local 7/11 store. The car’s lights did go on by evening by itself so that was nice and the A/C kept on cool in this Texas summer heat.


In all, it was a good vehicle and took us on our 4 hour trip from San Antonio to RGV to South Padre and back another 4 hours a few days later back to San Antonio. I would next time let your local Enterprise know you are traveling with a family and if needed to pay a little more extra for a bigger car, I fully recommend it. Anyways, a good and safe trip with a good and fun car.