Divinity: Original Sin II, Jupiter & Mars, and Lifeless Planet getLimited Runs this Friday, Dec. 6th!

Gather your party. Master deep, tactical combat. Join up to 3 other players – but know that only one of you will have the chance to become a God in Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition.

The Divine is dead. The Void approaches. And the powers lying dormant within you are soon to awaken. The battle for Divinity has begun. Choose wisely and trust sparingly; darkness lurks within every heart.

Divinity: Original Sin 2 – Definitive Edition preorders will open at 10am ET Friday, December 6th for the Nintendo Switch and close at 11:59pm ET on January 3rd. Priced at $59.99.


In Jupiter & Mars, dive into a neon seascape as a dolphin with enhanced echolocation powers and an AI partner takes you into a world transformed by water. Solve puzzles, hunt for treasure, meet legendary sea creatures, shut down the remnants of mankind’s legacy, and bring the bleached underwater world back to life!

Jupiter & Mars will be available in limited quantity for the PSVR at 10am & 6pm ET, Friday, December 6th. Priced at $34.99.


While seeking life on a distant planet, an astronaut discovers an abandoned Russian town. He suspects his mission is a hoax until a mysterious young woman saves him from a strange and deadly phenomenon… Lifeless Planet is a third-person action-adventure that features an old-school sci-fi story and spectacular environments in the spirit of classic action-adventures.

Lifeless Planet will be available in limited quantity for PS4 at 10am & 6pm ET Friday, December 6th. Priced at $29.99.


Don’t forget to preorder your copy of Stranger Things 3: The Game on PS4 or Switch!

Preorders for Stranger Things 3: The Game close on December 6th at 11:59pm ET.