Dive changes the game for Roblox developers

Custom, deep insight metaverse analytics now operational as part of Dive’s game-changing analytics platform and service

13th October New York, US:  For the first time, Roblox game developers can analyse their data with customised cross-platform connections and LiveOps support through the Dive platform. Gaining this kind of deep insight into the metaverse is a unique proposition that Dive is currently the first analytics platform to deliver, proving invaluable for the performance of Roblox games and pioneering for the rest of the analytics market. Having the unique ability to determine data pain points and value will take Roblox games to the next level and with Dive’s custom analytics, innovative game developers can invest in their future.

Data analytics within games provides the backbone of longevity. Data helps to elevate games, keeping them relevant and modern, ensuring the audience is continuously playing and iterating, making micro-changes to refresh and re-engage. This, alongside the innate ability to optimise for seasonal trends and events, is what will now extend Roblox games’ anticipated shelf life. Analysing data points, and reiterating the game based on the results, is crucial to longevity and success, and the demand for customised and deep insight amongst the Roblox developer community is high.

Recent figures show that the Roblox platform now nets over 40 million daily active users, with many playing over two hours a day. With such a high DAU database, it’s imperative that developers can and do optimise their data. For developers, Roblox as a platform opens the doors to an active, unique audience that is hungry for innovation and new methods to engage. This provides the perfect opportunity for highly specific game analytics, more so than ever before. At the heart of this, understanding your player base, retaining and growing your audience and truly setting your game above the rest is down to analysing what you have, and making it better.

For Roblox developers, custom analytics through Dive will provide invaluable insight into their games and help them lead the charge into developing the metaverse. Roblox’s platform offers unrivalled engagement and appetite for innovation, and its mission focuses on supporting players and encouraging them to imagine and create.

Elad Levy, the CEO of Dive says “The demand for data analytics and insight in games is high and even higher within Roblox games. As the metaverse develops, games will live and die based on the depths of their insight and own knowledge of how their players engage. Dive is uniquely positioned to provide specific, custom and tailored insight into games not previously serviced by any form of bespoke analytics. It’s no longer two dimensional – games must look inward in order to serve their players best.”

Dive is a unique analytics platform, combining an expert bespoke data team with a practical hands-on approach, offering limitless tailored and customisation possibilities. Traditional platforms like PC and Mobile are supported, however, Dive also provides support to more innovative platforms like Roblox, Minecraft and NFT games, with the same high level of unique bespoke data analysis and customisation. LiveOps features like segmentation and A/B testing are also available for all platforms that Dive works across, including the Roblox platform. The elite Dive platform, coupled with the expert data teams and custom analytics all combine to support and encourage data-driven games.

Dive, recently integrated with Roblox games, is the first analytics platform in the industry to provide deep metaverse insight, pioneering data analytics for the future. Dive allows developers to focus on what they do best: creating games and furthering their mission to grow and reiterate for success. Dive is available now for use across Roblox and all other innovative platforms.

About Dive

Dive (http://dive.games) takes the complicated data problem from game developers and offers a custom-made solution to collect, validate and maximise its potential for improving their game economy and LiveOps. A company created by game industry veterans, who know the interlaced strands of game data management, the Dive platform is crafted and tailored to each client’s unique needs, combining a dedicated data expert team with advanced technology and integration tools. Dive’s solution can adapt and grow to always suit a game’s ever-changing needs and runs on a wide variety of platforms and technologies including mobile, web, PC, Roblox, NFT & Blockchain and Minecraft to name just a few.

Dive was founded in 2019, has a growing team of 20, and is running on nearly 60 games around the globe.

Elad Levy Bio

Elad Levy is the Founder & CEO at Dive where he oversees the execution of the company’s vision to become a leader in custom analytics and LiveOps for insight and growth in the games industry. A 20-year veteran of the games industry and a seasoned entrepreneur, Mr. Levy previously co-founded Pacific Interactive and the category-defining game in the social casino space, “House of Fun,” acquired by Playtika, Ltd. in 2014. Following the acquisition, Mr. Levy joined the executive team at Playtika, leveraging the platform to scale “House of Fun” and playing an instrumental role in the eventual acquisition of Playtika by Giant Interactive, and then CIE (Caesars Interactive Entertainment) in 2016.