Discover the Celtic Age world of The Waylanders in this fly through video

Discover the world of the Celtic Age of The Waylanders in this flythrough video

New screenshots show the Celtic Age from The Waylanders, coming to Steam Early Access this summer.

A Coruña, Spain – April 22, 2020 – The Waylanders is the story of an adventurer untethered by time and fate who travels between a mythological Celtic age and the stone and mortar construction of the Medieval era. The land has been overtaken by magickal corruption, and the kingdom, once peaceful, has splintered into multiple factions warring for the throne.

In the upcoming Early Access release of The Waylanders, fantasy RPG fans will be able to explore the first age of this epic journey. From coastal villages and towering forests to more mystical regions such as underground cities, werewolves camps, and ancient necropolis’, the Celtic Age has many places to visit.

Check out this flythrough video featuring some of the main regions seen in the Celtic Age of The Waylanders. This is early footage not including NPCs and area decorations:

The Gato Salvaje team has just released a new Kickstarter update with the latest studio news and even more screenshots from the world of The Waylanders. Find it here:

These are just a few of the regions you’ll visit in the Celtic Age in The Waylanders. Watch out for more news about characters, romances, gameplay, and story in the near future.

The adventure begins in the Celtic region of Kaltia, an area now known as Galicia in Northwestern Spain. The story of The Waylanders is very much inspired by the history and mythology of the time, and Kaltia plays into that. In Kaltia, many different religions, cultures, mortal and immortal human races, werewolves, druids, goblins, and monsters weave together into the complex tapestry that makes up this ancient kingdom.


The capital of these lands is Brigantia, a bustling coastal city, and home to King Ith and his court. As the largest city of all Kaltia, Brigantia is the most densely populated and is defended by a nearby hillfort. Humans from neighboring nationalities pass through, making it a major center of trade and commerce. 

As a trading hub and a culture known for its openness, Brigantia reflects humanity’s beautiful diversity. You will meet human characters in the game who represent many nationalities, sexualities, ethnicities, and beliefs. Their personalities and ethics will be fiercely individual but always informed by their personal histories and cultural identities, just as with humans in our world.

The Tower, a nearby ancient lighthouse, guides sailors from distant lands to port and is known as a beacon for the ancient races. Its flame is a symbol of the city as much as it is a useful landmark for travelers.


Dumbriga is a smaller city to the south of Brigantia. The home of the University, Druids from all over Kaltia come here to study and perfect their magickal crafts.

At the center of town, a mountain commonly called The Olympus of the Celts is said to house several elder gods, and is off-limits to all but the most advanced Druids.

Mourian Underworld

The Mourian Underworld is a vast underground network of cities and towns that spans throughout Kaltia. Mourian architecture is elegant and lavishly decorated parts of Mourian bodies are made of gold and so are their homes. 

There are few doors through which you can travel to their society, but those that are known are large and well guarded.

Werewolf Camp

The Werewolf Camp is… a camp full of werewolves! Located deep in the woods, this werewolf tribe are master hunters and enjoy trading with the outside world. Visitors here are rare as the camp’s inhabitants are seen as intimidating by many humans, and also because werewolf camps are guarded by actual wolves.


Dunnios is an enormous necropolis inhabited by few living souls. These grounds house the bodies of thousands of Celtic dead from many centuries past, including the legendary King Breoghan

Dunnios is what is known as a crossroads — a place where the lines blur between the living and the dead. Such crossroads are known to attract dragons… tread carefully.


Aunes is a charming seaside town, mostly inhabited by Goblins. The Goblins of Kaltia are mischievous, playful creatures who don’t intend harm — but their tricks may border on dangerous if they think it’s funny… so it’s best to be on your guard.

Medhu’s Peak

Medhu’s Peak is the only Mourian city outside of the Underworld. It is named for the ancient goddess Medhu, and is wealthy beyond imagination. The gold mines here are seemingly ever-flowing, and ancient magick is felt in the very air you breathe.

The Waylanders is coming to Steam Early Access this summer. Visit the store page to find out more about the game and wishlist it today! 

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