Discover Mirages of Winter (iOS) A Zen adventure, Out March 20


A poetic adventure coming this Spring to iOS

Mirages of Winter is a beautiful game where the player lives in harmony with nature.

  • Coming out March 20, 2020 to iOS (the first day of spring)

  • A premium story driven game

  • An ultra immersive first person voyage

A game shaped like a poem.

It is a poem about the passing of winter to spring. The story follows a fisherman living in an island during winter; living a simple life together with nature. By following the fisherman’s footsteps, the player will uncover the hidden beauty of winter and will open new paths towards spring.

Mirages of Winter is to be enjoyed like a poem, where the life of each character and object is to be discovered. As the game’s world unfolds, one realizes that everything is connected together, and that even the smallest thing exists for a reason.

“I, as a painter, see games like another white canvas. I want to create a piece of art that can be enjoyed universally, not only as a game, but also as a poetic space where players can reflect upon their own existence.” Said Martin Goldschmid – Mirari Games

A soothing puzzle game.

After exploring beautiful sceneries, mesmerizing puzzle must be solved. Everything in the game has a deep connection with the five elements : water, wood, fire, earth and metal. With the element mechanic, the player will bring out the elemental essence of objects and use them to solve puzzles.

“Every object and sound, from rocks to animals, represents a unique interaction between the five elements. In that way, these objects are more than a mere representation, they are an illusion that depicts their true essence.” Said Martin Goldschmid – Mirari Games


The game is coming March 20, 2020 to iOS.
It will be available on both iPhone and iPad.

The game is made for mobile and it is made for everyone. The game is super user friendly. It is enjoyable by someone who has never played games before and even by children from the age of 3 (they usually have a blast with a grown-up by their side).

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We hope to create a fantastical journey to embark on.

With breathing landscapes, genuine characters, simple life activities and mythical creatures! We want to create an imaginary world where people can go to. Mirages of Winter is part of a bigger ever-growing world which is composed of many places and islands to discover, all living through the seasonal cycles.

We hope Mirages of Winter will stay with the players and make them wonder.

We hope to create a universal game.

Everything in the game is a natural symbol. Often, this symbol has a deeper meaning or a hidden cultural reference that some players might recognize. We hope the game world will be enjoyed as a simple scenery; it must feel like a normal place. But the more time we spend in it, the more we reflect upon our own existence, without even knowing it.

Harmony with Nature.

Harmony is a vital topic in the current climate. The main theme of the game is harmony with nature. Its lore and aesthetics are deeply anchored in Asian philosophy, specifically The Way of the Tao and Zen. In a subtle way, the player is put at the center of nature and all their actions are in relation with the world. We hope the game will push players to enjoy the simple moments in life and make them cherish their connection with nature.


In summer of 2014, Martin Goldschmid made an intriguing, yet beautiful ink painting of a fisherman on a boat catching a fish. Thus, Mirages of Winter took its first step. The idea was to create an adventure and a meaningful game; like a poem you share with others.

It took a year to transform this very idea into a short interactive story. From the start, the artistic direction was to create a world that is like a living painting. After months of much experimentation, the approach chosen was the simplest: make the game just like one would face a blank canvas. By layering thousands of digital brush strokes an amazing 3D landscape is formed; a rich scenery with rocks, water and life; an island with the depth of an ink painting.

“Contemplating an ink painting is not only for observing the ink on the paper, but is also an act of participation; of synchronising oneself with the natural landscape. Thus, the art of the game is not a defined graphic style, but an abstract virtual space where the player can live in by defining its shapes and meaning.” Said Martin Goldschmid – Mirari Games

In June 2017 the studio Mirari Games was founded and the production of Mirages of Winter officially started.


  • A true immersive adventure for mobile devices

  • A voyage through a beautiful island and hand-painted sceneries

  • Charming poems about the winter season

  • Meditative and soothing puzzles inspired by nature

  • Cute animals, mysterious islanders and cosmic creatures

  • A mesmerizing original soundtrack made with the Daegeum, the traditional Korean bamboo flute