Dino World Kickstarter media kit

The Kickstarter campaign for Dinosaur World and Dinosaur Island: Rawr ‘n Write launches THIS TUESDAY, Sep 22.

To help everyone prepare for thedino-tastic campaign, we’ve put together a handymedia kitfull of images and text you can use in your coverage.

Social Goal

3,000 sign-ups to unlock tiles!
We also announced a social stretch goal for Dinosaur World!
If we can get to3,000 sign-upson this pageby Tuesday, we’re adding TWO EXTRA* tiles to all versions of the game! All you have to do is click “Notify Me” on this page. You’ll be sent an email when the campaign goes live.

We’ve already unlocked the awesome Jeeple shapes shown below. Help us makeT-REX JET SKISandTRICERATOPS RING TOSSa thing too!!