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Dinosaur 1944: Kickstarter Now Live!


Don’t miss our newest board game Kickstarter: Dinosaur 1944! The Mother of All FUBARs. Dinosaur 1944 is Sandy’s new cooperative strategy game where players take on the roles of WWII US Marines fighting off a swarm of prehistoric terrors on a jungle island.

Help us with your pledge to make Dinosaur 1944 as amazing as possible and follow our campaign for plenty of fun reveals!


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Dinosaur 1944: Fun Facts from Sandy

Did you know dinosaurs had really, really fast breeding cycles? Find out how many eggs they could lay at a time! Sandy shares the factors that caused these terrors to multiply at such an alarming rate! Watch now.

Check out our new web page where we’ll be adding new art each week!

Join the Dinosaur 1944 Conversation with Sandy!

Dinosaur 1944 — The Mother of All FUBARs!

How to best defend against dinosaurs if you are marines on a jungle island? What dinosaur combo would be unstoppable?

Share your ideas and questions with Sandy at the link below and he will reply in his next video! There will be a cool give-away that we raffle among all participants.

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Comicbook.com Review of Cthulhu Mythos Sagas


“Sandy Petersen is one of the most well-known tabletop creators in the industry, and it’s fascinating to see his take on Dungeons & Dragons.”

“These adventures are heart-pounding and tense, but don’t stray too far from the tenets of the game. If you want to experience a true blend of cosmic horror and high fantasy, check out either Ghoul Island or Yig Snake Granddaddy today.”

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Gaming Practicum: Tales from the Dark Days of Ensemble Studio (Pt. 2)


For his latest Sandy of Cthulhu “Gaming Practicum” video on Youtube, Sandy talks about the downfall of Ensemble Studios, the most successful game company Microsoft ever owned.

What caused their downfall? Find out from Sandy, Lead Designer of Ensemble Studios, who happened to have a front row seat in this drama.   Watch now

Also, check out our Playlist tab ⁠— we have organized Sandy’s material by category: Gaming Practicum, Movie Madness, Horror Investigating, and Science Speculation. Now you can binge on a single category! 


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