Digital music festival Save & Sound kicks off this weekend with sales on Steam

Featuring concerts and panels from Figment 2, Supergiant Games, The Longest Road on Earth, Genesis Noir, and more

Aalborg, Denmark – May 26th, 2021 – Bedtime Digital Games is proud to reveal its digital music festival Save & Sound: A Celebration of Musical Experiences which will be streaming on 27th-30th May during the following timezone across Steam Broadcast, TwitchYouTube, and on the official Save & Sound site.

19:00 CEST – 22:00 CEST
18:00 BST – 21:00 BST
13:00 EST – 16:00 EST
10:00 PST – 13:00 PDT

Save & Sound will feature both live and pre-recorded concerts, developer panels on music and audio, and gameplay videos with developer commentary focused on soundtracks as well as sales from the developers and publishers involved. Save & Sound is a celebration of spine-tingling soundtracks and unique implementations of musical elements in games. A show where people can get together, listen to some tunes and play some games!

This inaugural showcase will host live concerts featuring tunes from Figment 2, Mutazione, Spinch, and The Metronomicon, as well as pre-recorded sessions showcasing music from Supergiant Games, Paradise Killer, Pumpkin Jack, Genesis Noir, Call of the Sea, Rogue Legacy 2, Star Renegades, Atomicrops, Ynglet, and more. Get a behind the scenes look at the Creaks, Kathy Rain, and Wandersong composers, offering insight into their creative process.

Expect some surprises as well, Save & Sound will debut a new song and developer commentary from Raw Fury’s upcoming musical journey The Longest Road on Earth, set to commemorate its launch on May 27th. There will be a new demo for Mads & Friends’ music-based 3D puzzler The Forest Quartet published by Bedtime Digital Games.

“Music is one of the key nutrients that keeps us creatively inspired and full of passion” said Klaus Pedersen, CEO from Bedtime Digital Games. “The COVID-19 pandemic has halted concerts around the world and that’s really put a damper on a lot of people’s moods. Everyone is now playing games more than ever and we wanted to create something that celebrates just how magical video game music can be. We hope Save & Sound brings joy to music and video game fans everywhere!”

About Bedtime Digital Games
Forged in 2011 as a scrappy student production in Aalborg, Denmark, Bedtime Digital Games quickly garnered a lot of praise for its surreal puzzle platformer Back to Bed. Since then the studio has released the time-manipulating puzzle game Chronology and the musical action-adventure Figment. It is currently working on the highly anticipated sequel, Figment 2: Creed Valley, coming to Steam in 2021.