Devil’s Hunt PC Review

With an imagination that goes wild and a sucker for a good story, this game provided me with a buffet full of gaming joy. I was able to do this review on my Windows PC and had the lights off with the windows dimly covered. I wanted to experience this game to the fullest extent. Here is my review:

I start off the game as Desmond, who once rich, slowly lost all of his humanity through all the bad things that have been going on with him. Desmond then makes a deal with the devil which helps him gain demonic powers and literally become’s Hell’s Executioner.

We are walking around and just fighting darkness with our fists and claws as this game is just so much fun. You walk around solving puzzles and the cut scenes gives out more story that of what is going on. You will find lost souls and then collect them to unlock different skills in the game. Be sure to interact with all objects around you as they might be something collectible or something that can be useful later on in the game.

I love this feature is when your in a fight and then Desmond’s gauge lights up, you can transform into his demon side which can deal a lot of damage! This is so much fun!

All in all, I enjoyed this game. This game is something fun and reminds me of other games I played where the story is heavy and the exploration yields new story arc added in.

You can get the game here on Steam: