Devan’s new single titled Almost feat Corey Harper out now

Devan’s new single titled Almost featuring Corey Harper is out now! Devan and Corey voices bring a sense of relaxation throughout the song! Their voices really do make this song as you can close your eyes and envision both of them singing on a mountain top while you can see everything for miles away. I enjoyed listening to the lyrics in the sound as its a story of hope and what could happen in life. The song Almost is a way to secure your thoughts in a manner where you plan out details but at times you just got to go for it.

listen here:

Press release:

Listen to “Almost” featuring Corey Harper now on your preferred platform, produced by Adam Boukis (Timbaland, Icona Pop, Saweetie, and Bruno Martini).
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My co-writer, Kyle Reynolds, and I were discussing how the idea of settling down has always scared us, and we wrote “Almost” about not wanting to hold someone else back while you’re still figuring out your own shit.
Your early twenties are a strange adjustment period because things change rapidly in such a short period of time – relationships, living situations, career paths, aspirations. Growing up and evolving is great, but the flip side of that for me was losing sight of who I thought I was and what I wanted.
I hope this song brings comfort to anyone in a similar situation; someone young and full of uncertainty, with a lot of big decisions to make.