Despot’s Game is OUT NOW on Steam!

We are excited to announce that our Dystopian Army Builder is now available in Early Access!

Despot’s Game is a pixel art roguelike autobattler. Assemble an army of puny humans, arm them with ridiculous weapons and find the way out of a monster-infested, AI-controlled maze!


Indirect combat
  • Create your army and set them up for battle, then watch the chaos unfold! Indirect combat allows you to focus heavily on tactical considerations rather than reflexes;
Deadly weapons
  • Arm your warriors with stale pretzels, tunas, fridges, tables and other lethal items!
Endless exploration
  • The dungeons are generated from scratch every time, and there is no chance puny humans will ever find the way out!
Asynchronous multiplayer
  • Fight against other players’ armies online, advance through the rankings and compete in various multiplayer challenges!
Streamer mode
  • If you are a streamer, turn on Twitch Integration in the game’s settings: in-game humans will be renamed after your subscribers or followers!
For more details, visit the Steam page: