Deliver Us The Moon: Fortuna Review


You are in the future and you are watching as the Earth has been depleted of its natural resources. The moon is picked as an alternative to help look for a new source of energy. Then all of a sudden, all communication with the moon is gone and so is the energy source. Your the astronaut that has to go to the moon and figure out what had happened?

The puzzles in this game are on point and enjoyed  how unique the graphics were in this game. The story was good, loved it as I am a huge Sci/Fi fan, but it was quite short game. I went through this game quite fast, but I was so invested in the story. This was able to get my imagination going and to get through these puzzles pretty fast as I was excited and intrigued.

All in all, this is a good game. The graphics and puzzles were good and were able to keep me into the game. The story was unique and amazing but a tad short. I wanted to know more and look into it soon. I believe they will be having a DLC soon for this game and I can’t wait to check it out!