Death to Metal Film Review

Death to Metal is a film by Tim Connery that follows a down on his luck Zane (Alex Stein). On the day he gets canned by his death metal band and his girlfriend dumps him. All on the eve of their big show with a big metal band. As his world is going hell in a handbasket.

A priest is also having a bad day being released from his duties at the church. He goes on a rampage after an accident that leaves him in a toxic waste dump. Mutantating him in his mind the hand of God killing anyone that doesn’t follow the bible.

Send thing the killer priest on one hell of a gore-filled kill spree. Zane must face his fear and rejection at the big show. Both his old band and his ex-girlfriend but that not the worst thing he will face that night,

A super fun film with some great kills and metal music. The killer priest and his wooden cross weapon made for a good killer. Overall I give this one a 7 out of 10 a very cool-looking killer and a fun story. You feel for Zane his golden shot taken from him hours before. Be sure to check this one out on December 7th on digital platforms.