Death Road To Canada Review

So here are the main features that i liked about Death Road To Canada:

One is that the game is randomly generated which means more replay value and is a big plus in my book. The second reason is the character customization which is a big plus if you are one who cares about how your character looks. And I don’t mean just male/female, skin color or body type.

This game allows you to choose detailed features for your character. You can create several characters and save them to load for the next game play. On to the cons, for me, this was not an action packed game. With this game there is a lot of reading and each decision you make opens up another doorway to more reading.

I will say this though, on the last day you are faced with a difficult challenge that makes all your decisions throughout the game come to life. “Was that the right choice, how could i have done this better?” Replay the game, choose a different path and see if you succeed.

Review done by DTS Gamer Ian C.