DC Fandome Gotham Knight’s Trailer Reveal

At the DC fandom event, their second panel was Warner Bros Games Montreal and on their social media all this week leading up to this event they were giving tidbit cryptic hints as to what this game was going to be about. Well, the wait is over and The Court of Owls will be coming to Gotham along with other familiar villains as well. In the trailer, we are shown that Batman had Sent an emergency video to Bat Girl, Robin, Night Wing, & Red hood detailing that he has passed away and the Batcave has blown up along with the mansion and that it is up to the rest of the bat family to keep Gotham safe.

Pre-Alpha Gameplay was shown shortly after the trailer showing that the game is free roam, a massive open-world, online multiplayer, and has an enemy ranking system. The video was a brief mission showing Bat Girl talking to Alfred on her Batcycle heading to stop a weather engine causing chaos to Gotham on her way there you see in the top right corner “Robin joined the session” and shortly start seeing his Symbol indicator of how far away he is from Bat girl upon there arrival to the area where the weather machine is you get to see how they fight against criminals & enemies working there way up to the machine to show a short fight between them and mr.freeze.


What I wish to see from this game after this Panel is unique team combo’s between each bat member, the free flow combo system we all know and love from the Batman Arkham series, 4 player Villian raids, Unique Memorable character skins/costumes from movies, comics, & shows to unlock in-game for each character.

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-Michael D.