dawsonLIED new track OWO features godspeed is out now!

dawsonLIED is an experimental Pop/RnB artist from the remote state of Maine. The harsh weather patterns and a spread-out population keep him secluded, heavily influencing the introspective tones of his music.

Collaborating with his friend godspeed from Germany, dawsonLIED now returns with an alluring and sensual new R&B track ‘OWO’. dawsonLIED worked with the bouncing smooth beat and pulsating synth that godspeed created, and within just a few hours he wrote, performed, and mixed the vocals for “OWO”. 

dawsonLIED on the meaning behind the track:

“OWO is about feeling myself. Everyone has people and things in their life that make them feel like a million bucks.”

He found his love for music by watching his parents chase their passion for it. His mother, a vocalist, would inspire him to take up singing at a very young age. While his dad would join bands and tinker with audio equipment which piqued Dawson’s interest. During high school, Dawson commited to the decision of becoming a music artist and to try for a career in the field that had evaded his family for so long. Since embarking on his journey he has gotten sync deals, hundreds of thousands of cumulative streams, lots of support from bigger artists and has made many lifelong friends along the way. 


dawsonLIED credits artists such as flume, blackbear, Skrillex, H.E.R, Daniel Caeser, Frank Ocean, Tyler, The Creator and Kendrick Lamar as making him the artist he is today. He continues to be inspired by current trends as well as the underground scene populated by his peers. His next goal is to craft a cohesive debut project that can show the world exactly what he is all about.