Daddy’s Home 2 movie review spoiler free


I got the chance to see an advance screening of Daddy’s Home 2  this past weekend. I must say what a film with all the things going on around us. A hilarious film you can watch with your friends or family to get away for a few hours is great. I won’t go into too many details the release date of this film is November 10 just in time for the holidays.

Disclosure: I have attended this movie free as part of the screening team, all opinions are honest and mine.

What I will say about the film is it is a funny nonstop laugh fest with an all-star cast. The additions of Mel Gibson and John Lithgow as the Grandfathers added a whole new level to the film. With the all-star cast of the first film, the layer of drama each son has with there father. Adds a whole lot of comedy and brings up issues they each have and want to surpass as fathers themselves. You will get a mix of nonstop laughs and get hit right in the feels.

Watching the reactions of the moviegoers non stop laughing I knew this movie will be a hit. I will go as far to say this may be the next National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation that must-see film for Christmas we have to see every year. In closing go and see this film and get away from everything and spend time with friends and family or get yourself some me time.