Cyan Tempest new song Elevate is out now!

Cyan Tempest is the musical vehicle for multi-instrumentalist, producer/composer Aleksander McMillan.

Starting his musical journey at the age of 9, he first picked up the electric guitar and since then has taught himself to play multiple instruments including bass, drums, piano which allow him to create full band productions. His musical career is one that has taken many shapes and forms, most notably as the lead guitarist and producer of rock band Salt River Shakedown.

Alek has always aspired to release music of his own as a producer, Cyan Tempest is the alter ego that allows his imagination to run wild with creativity, producing everything entirely on his own, from song-writing to recording all his instruments, production, mixing and mastering, completed at his studio. Debut single Elevate gives us a peak into his pop infused R&B world.

“Elevate is a song that reflects on the acts of human kind, and the consequences that human nature can have on the planet around us. Whether that be climate change or general world disorder, we as humans try to find a sense of peace amongst all the chaos as a way to rise above the problems and find solutions. This song is about two people lost in a big world, trying to achieve that exact sense of peace”.