Curious Expedition Gaming Review

With a handful of the world’s famous explorers at your disposal, you take on the trek to walk in their footsteps looking for fame and glory. You go through intense jungles, scary hyena attacks and of course talking with the locals are just a few things you will be doing here in Curious Expedition.

My journey started with Charles Darwin and together, we explored the forests with our team. You are given a limited amount of supplies such as water, food, and various items on your trek. You will go through the forest and discover new land each time you travel the area. I was able to find a settlement and begin my talk to the local Indians. They seem to like him, so we were able to rest and enjoy some of their traditions. We were able to trade for some mangoes and some essential items. As we continued our trek, I noticed that we became seemly tired.

One by one, my team members were exhausted to the extreme, some died through disease, or had another fatal situation. I had to learn to not do long treks but slow treks and be sure to rest enough. I was able to find a shrine and take some shines and statues with me. I learned to trade those shrines and statues with the local Indians for more items.

This is a fun game! The journey going through different areas to map up it up just discloses a new world. You learn to manage and lead your team swiftly and safely throughout the area.

We were able to play this game on Xbox One and we streamed it on Twitch here:

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